Tips to ranking better and increasing traffic on your website

  • Link building.
    A crucial part of SEO link building is incredibly time consuming, and many business owners do not even know where to begin. A link is like a recommendation to your website.  But not all links are created equal!  This means if you have 1000s of links from link farms that you bought for a few quid online they are not going to help your site as there is not likely to be any vale to these links and yor site could be at risk of being penalized. You might find yourself worse of then when you started.  To put it roughly into laymen’s terms of how link building works we will put it into a real world scenario.  Imagine you are looking for a tradesmen’s to carry out some work on your house.  If a random stranger approached you and said “hey I know a really good company, here’s the name and phone number.” Would you automatically trust that company if you had never heard of them?  No as you do not know this person or the company. Now if a good, trusted friend or family member said exactly the same thing you would have more trust in using that company even if you had never heard of them because you trust that advise more.  This is how link building works.  A link from a well trusted established business in a similar industry to your own is going to be worth more than 100s or 1000s from poor quality spam farms.
  • Content marketing
    Content marketing is blogging and writing articles. This will help you grow the size of your website which is very appealing to web crawling bots! As Jonny 5 puts its Input!!!!!!!!!!!
    You should create engaging content that is of high value to your visitors. Shape your content so that is fits within your keyphrases and is relevant to your industry but don’t just hash together spammy, content that is full of your keyphrases just for the purpose of trying to rank.  Your content needs to have real world value.
  • Meta title and descriptions
    The meta title is extremely important as this tells the search engine the primary subject matter of your page. We often see websites that have been built by the business owner and the page title is set as home. This does not tell the search engine anything about your page so it will take a guess instead. With the page title you can tell it exactly what the subject matter is.  If you sell Canon cameras and  are based in Southend for example a title such as Canon cameras for sale southend on sea might be an appropriate title for your page.
    Although meta descriptions are not used by google as keyphrases for your site to rank they are very helpful in the serps (search engine result pages).  You want your meta descriptions to jump out from your competitors.  If you offer free consultations or are available on call 24/7 you could put this in this section.  If you have a WordPress site plugins like Yoast or All in on SEO are great for setting up both your page titles and your descriptions.
  • Internal linking
    If you have content within your site that is related to other content on your site link to it. For example if you have a service page and then certain staff members with bio pages and contact forms that would deal with those particular services or there are articles or other related services within your site that go hand in hand with those services link to it. You could also link to your contact methods. Call to actions help your visitors find the relevant way to check out or contact you went hey have made a decision about using your services.  The easier your information is to find and digest the easier it is for your visitor to make up their mind and complete an action when  they have  made their decision.
  • Site speed
    If your website is slow visitors are less likely to stay on your site.  You have a short window of 2-3 seconds.  We always aim for two seconds of less when building a site. Obviously an e-commerce site or a site with large amounts of images and videos can bump this up but there caching tools available to help bring the site speed down.  To test your website speed use tools like and