Top reasons Why your business needs a website

Hi all.  Captain obvious is here to tell you what you probably already know! You need a website!  But do you know some of the main reasons why? Yes again?  Oh damn! well here is the article anyway.

  • Credibility
    Having a website not only gives you a presence online but also gives your business credibility. If a potential customer looks for your company online and cannot find a website for your company they may doubt your credentials in your field, especially if your customers all have websites.
  • Earn more revenue
    Approximately 80% of people search a business out before making a purchase so going back to credibility again this demonstrates you need a site and without it you will lose sales. Your website is there 24 hours, 365 days a week as a focal point to demonstrate your products and services and share you information.  This means it is like an extension of your sales team and customer service team.
  • Efficiency 
    A website will save you time. Frequently asked questions can be posted on your site. Instead of repeating the same information in emails and writing it out you can direct clients to specific sections on your site.  Customers can buy and book products and services freeing up your time or your staff’s time.  This also saves you money.
  • Brand Awareness
    Your website will help you spread the word and build your brand. It will shape how you interact with your clients and potential clients and how you position your products and services within your industry. Tell your story and share the imagery you want to portray, you control the narrative.  You can post reviews to show what an awesome job you do and share stories of how you and your customers interact.
  • Generate leads whilst you sleep
    Us mere mortals need sleep; coffee can only go so far. A website never sleeps. Your website is your T800 always going, well unless Sarah or John Connor has their say but as of, yet they only go after Skynet not the internet (we will terminate the Terminator references from this point on, pun very much intended). Your visitors can browse your site at their leisure and push the button on that sale on their schedule.  Just ensure you also have good hosting, or this point is kind of moot! We sell hosting as well wink wink.
  • Get social
    You can integrate it with your social media platforms. Social media platforms are great, but they still have restrictions on what you can and can’t do. Blend your website together with these channels.  Use your social media to draw them to your site where you can continue the conversation with no restrictions on how you interact with your visitors.


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