Fat Cat Cakery

Fat Cat Cakery make all your favourite treats such as cupcakes & brownies and deliver them nationwide.

Web Design Case Study Cover Photo Fat Cakery

Colour Palette

  • #000000
  • #b01f24
  • #ffffff

The Brief

To build an easy to use, fast and responsive website that showcases all the incredible tasty treats.
Logo design, packaging design and product photography.

The Deliverables


We initiated the project by crafting a logo with a 1920s retro flair, setting the tone for the entire site’s branding. The logo, central to our design strategy, features carefully chosen colors that echo this retro theme, while also highlighting the playful aspect of their products.

The website is developed on WooCommerce, our preferred e-commerce platform, and showcases the brand’s signature black and red colors, as established during the logo’s creation. We enhanced the site’s functionality with Ajax search capabilities, enabling quick and effective product searches—a feature known to boost conversion rates. A postcode lookup tool, integrated with a dependable API, simplifies the ordering process. Additionally, automated order API printing supports their team in efficient packaging.

To track user engagement and optimize the sales funnel, we incorporated Google tags and analytics. An abandoned cart feature was added to gently remind customers to complete their purchases. Trustpilot integration follows, with an automated email sent after three days to verify a smooth buying experience.

The site’s performance is robust, achieving an A grade on GTMetrix. Following its launch, it immediately began attracting organic sales across the UK.
As of writing this the site has generated organic sales in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. That is before we have begun offsite SEO.


We initiated local SEO efforts for them, including the creation of their Google My Business (GMB) page, and are actively focusing on the targeted keyphrases identified through our research.

Right from launch, as outlined in our deliverables, we successfully achieved organic ranking for the site. In addition, we are overseeing their Google Ads campaign to further drive sales.

The Results

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