TechHouse sell refurbished iPhones, Samsung and tablets and accessories as well as repair all electronic gadgets.

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Colour Palette

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The Brief

TechHouse’s exisiting website did not function properly. It was connected to an inventory system that did not work making it impossible to sync inventory and orders.
The existing site also had mobile responsive issues. It also did not portray the company branding and was using a mismatch of colours and design principles.

The Deliverables


We took their existing platform built on WordPress, Woocommerce, and Elementor page builder and completely transformed the website’s appearance to align with their unique branding. To enhance performance, we migrated the website to our lightning-fast litespeed web hosting and implemented the use of Cloudflare Enterprise CDN. This ensures that visitors from anywhere in the UK can enjoy the fastest cached version of the site. In addition, we seamlessly integrated their website with RepairDesk, a POS inventory system, simplifying inventory management and invoice handling. We have setup Analytics and Google tag manager so we can track every aspect of the customers journey through the site and spot any issues or concerns.


With recent changes in Googles third party repair advertising policies, we had to adapt our approach to target long-tail keywords specifically related to their repair services. By incorporating these focused keywords, we aim to boost their visibility and attract customers seeking repair solutions. Furthermore, we have strategically included phrases related to their refurbished device sales, optimizing their online presence for increased traffic and conversions.


To maximize their online reach and drive targeted traffic, we have initiated a Google Search text campaign tailored to their keyphrases within the retail segment. By leveraging pay-per-click advertising, we aim to increase their brand visibility, attract potential customers, and generate valuable leads.

The Results

We are proud to report that we have made significant progress in the campaign thus far. The website has achieved an impressive A score in GTMetrix, indicating exceptional performance and optimized loading times. This achievement demonstrates our dedication to enhancing user experience and ensuring that visitors have a seamless browsing experience.

In addition to the remarkable improvements in site performance, we have also focused on boosting the domain authority of the website. Through our strategic SEO efforts and targeted optimization techniques, we have successfully increased the domain authority, positioning the website as a trusted and authoritative source within its industry.

While we are still in the early stages of the campaign, these initial accomplishments lay a strong foundation for continued growth and success. We remain committed to delivering exceptional results and further enhancing the online presence and performance of the website.

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