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Organic search is still king. Hiring our Essex based SEO company is the best way to improve your rankings, generate leads and help your business grow and expand, and the best way to do this is via tried and tested methods that follow all of Googles best practices.
We will help you increase your traffic and analyze your site to make sure it is setup to help you convert your visitors.

What is SEO?


Already know what SEO is?  Then click skip
So you have your brand spanking new website built to look absolutely incredible but what gives, no visitors!  Read on to learn what SEO is and why it is even more important than your actual website.

Search engine optimization, or SEO as we will refer to it for the remainder of this text, is extremely important when it comes to your online presence.  You can have the best products, all the expertise in your field but if your site has no visitors it is going to be extremely difficult for your business to thrive.  No clicks means no leads, no leads mean no conversions.  No conversions means no income, you get where we are going!
In the development stage of your website SEO should have always been part of the discussion and the site should have been structured around that. SEO Online marketing is the combination of both onsite optimization and offsite optimization.
Effective practice in both of these fields should be implemented by anyone wanting to increase their visitor count and build their brand.

So now you know what SEO is how does it work?


So as mentioned above there are two types of SEO that we are going to cover.  Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO

Onsite SEO


The first step in building your website should have been on making your website extremely attractive to the search engines and to actual human users.  This means the site is built so that is is crawlable to the search engines, not spammy with great content (content is king!. Page titles that are descriptive of what you do (Not just using the word Home to describe the page),  meta descriptions, photos with descriptive alt tags, proper use of heading tags on important titles throughout the page.  A fast loading site that is fully responsive across all devices and easy to navigate and use for the end user.    Descriptive weekly blog articles in your area of expertise are a great way to increase the value of your website.  Don’t just think of this as a way for you to make money, think of the service you are providing to the online community.  Give and you shall receive! It’s all Karma baby! 😉
Back in the 90s and early 2000’s you could literally just stuff a page with keywords hidden the same background colour to be found in the search engines but Google etc. got smart, they have evolved to be incredibly precise with very smart algorithms so it’s is extremely important that your site has genuine high quality content, remember back there, content is king?  You do! Don’t forget that.  It is imperative to your site!

We can conduct an onsite audit of your website to see where you are currently at and make suggestions or you can provide us access to make modifications to improve your sites current onsite SEO.



So offsite is you, guessed it, methods that don’t actually involve doing anything on your website.  Crazy huh!  Link building is our favourite method for fantastic results.

What is Link building?


So link building I always say is basically digital endorsement.  Back in the olden days (pre 1990s) we didn’t have social media, smart phones etc.  and we used to have to talk to each other!  (Scary to think huh!)  If Tom had a best friend named Harry and told Harry that Dick was a great plumber then Harry would use Dick as his plumber!  That was a referral, a recommendation.  I see link building as a digital web of referrals. Not all links are created equal though!  Obviously the better quality the link the more SEO juice it will give your site.  Anyone can buy a web domain for a few pounds and setup an empty one page website in seconds.  If they then did this 1000 times and put a link in each of those pages pointing at their website it would do zilch.  Why? Because those pages are not seen as high quality by the search engines so it all comes down to the authority of the links not the quantity, quality over quantity.  Obviously getting high quality links takes more work to achieve but it is worth it.  We offer comprehensive monthly link building packages to achieve just this.   A great way to find links is to analyze other competitors in your market place and reverse engineer this back links!  Another great method is to find links to articles that are now broken.  If you have an article that can replace that content with great relevant content to that broken link that can be a great way to achieve some high authority links.  If you are an expert in your field you can also look at guest writing.  What this means is you write articles that are published on high authority sites and they link back to you.

SEO Penalties and how to avoid


Well there are many ways to conduct SEO.  There are what is known as Black Hat Techniques (These are big no’s!), grey hat techniques (These are techniques the likes of Google do not currently penalize but could be open to penalization down the road) and white Hat techniques (These are the tried and trusted methods and should always be the methods used).  Black hat techniques can work and they can get you ranked very quickly in some cases but they just are not worth it for the penalties. Your site could be removed from Google.  BMW experienced this in 2006, so even the big guys are not exempt.   We always use white hat techniques and are open to discuss any issues or concerns you may have.

How do I get started?


Are you seriously still reading this? Nah you already knew what SEO was and skipped here right?  Well done if you did, smarty pants if you already knew and no worries if you just skipped without reading a thing! This part is important though so please read it. It is imperative that you know a few last things before we begin on your path to greatness online.  SEO is a two way relationship.  That means we work with you in collaboration.  It has to be a two way street to make this work. We can manage everything but if you do not have the budget to do this it is extremely important that you understand the results WILL be affected if you do not for example produce content we have asked for.  We are always transparent and will not make any promises that we cannot keep.  We will not 100% guarantee anything.   This is not the way SEO works.  We cannot promise you something we do not control.  We have no control over any of the Search Engines. They could make algorithm changes at any point that could completely change the way SEO as we all know it works!  What we can do though is follow the tried and tested practices that are still currently white hat and work as of writing this today.

Below are our packages with pricing.  We recommend you contact us for a free consultation first so we can discuss your business and help select a package that fits your business and goals.

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